Welcome to the Dad's Section


Bentley weighs 21 pounds, he is very short legged and chubby with a wonderful personality. He loves everyone.


This is my friends male, Yogi.  He's a 22 pound fawn with a black mask.  He loves everyone and is beautiful.

yogi-2 yogi-4

Mr. One Ton

R.I.P. 12/12/2012  Miss you

One Ton weighed 18 pounds. He was short and stocky and he was my best friend.


R.I.P. 03/03/2015

Mingo weighed 21 pounds, his dad is CH. Fancibul Skye's The Limit.


R.I.P. 09/14/2017

Viper weighed 19 pounds, had a happy disposition & loved everyone. His mother was Lexus and father was Mingo.