I am Tracy Marlin, lover & breeder of the Funny Face French Bulldogs. I don't know what I would do without my dogs or should I say kids, they are so much a part
of my life.

I am a lover of Quarter horses as well. I have shown barrel horses all over the Midwest and Northeast. I always had a dog as a hauling partner while showing. At that time in my life I had a bullmastiff along with me at all times.

About 19 years ago I was diagnosed with MS. I had to quit riding eventually and at that time I turned my passion to my love for my dogs. Since the bullmastiff's are to big for me now, I needed a small dog with a huge heart and big attitude. (I always say the frenchie's think they're ten feet tall and bullet proof). I needed a sturdy and tough dog due to the fact I live on a farm and have other animals and they are exactly that!

I was involved with my mother's dog business from early childhood. When I decided to venture into dog breeding myself, I decided I wanted to specialize in just one breed and do it well. French bulldogs are the only breed I raise.

To the left are a few pictures of me, what I did and my buddy at that time.

This is my grandfather with one of my retired
females (Demi) she went everywhere with him.
Frenchies make great companion dogs!
Rest in peace, I love you pap.
(6/20/1921 - 7/24/2010)