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Tracy's computer recently crashed and caused a loss of all prior email
communications. If you are currently on a waiting list for a puppy, or are
interested in being added to the waiting list, please send a NEW email to
, or call (618)246-9383 or (618)246-4554.

Thank you!

Hi, I hope you enjoy this site of my little clowns. Frenchies are the only breed I raise, I fell in love with this breed 20 years ago and they're like potato chips you can't have just one.

The French Bulldog is a mild-tempered companion dog looking for friendship with people and animals alike. They are really intelligent and are good watchdogs, although they don't bark without cause.

The Frenchies are a sturdy and muscular dog, heavy boned, with a short smooth coat and very clean. They can be playful and active at times, but enjoy laying on the couch and watching tv as well...